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We present the 4th generation MultiAir: The MultiAir® FC 2000 Series

This upgraded MultiAir® 2000 series replaces the previous 1000 series, but with a higher level of performance. You can choose between four models with different capacities: The MultiAir® FC 2080, the MultiAir® FC 2110, the MultiAir® FC 2190, and the MultiAir® FC 2220.

This new generation of frequency-converter blowers provides higher pressure capacities and air flow performances. The blowers have upgradable software.

The MultiAir® is the heart and power source of any of the high performing pneumatic conveying systems installed by Kongskilde Industries all over the world. With an installed base of 5,000 units worldwide, the MultiAir® is the preferred choice all over the world due to its many clever features.

The unique MultiAir® blowers are engineered to meet the highest performance characteristics – while being energy efficient and making very little noise.

Specially designed for the paper, packaging and plastic industries, the flexible high pressure Kongskilde MultiAir® FC 2000 blowers are an excellent choice for conveying of raw material, process waste, and finished goods.

Read more about the MultiAir® FC 2000 and download specifications: