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Product launch: The KDC 4000 PLUS & KDC 8000 PLUS

The popular series of grain dual cleaners, KDC, has been redesigned with two new high-efficient models carrying new features to make operation and maintenance even easier: The KDC 4000 PLUS and the KDC 8000 PLUS.

It is easy to open the side panels on the KDC PLUS, which saves time and increases efficiency when changing screens

Based on valuable input from some of our many customers around the world, we have made a redesign that will sustain the popularity of these dual cleaners.

“When we develop new products, we collaborate closely with our customers to anticipate their future challenges” R&D Manager Steen Hansen explains, “In the case of the KDC PLUS, we added new features to increase ease of operation and maintenance”.

This new KDC PLUS series has easy opening of side panels which saves time and increases efficiency when you need to change screens. Moreover, inspection of the grain has been improved by the addition of more removable and cleanable windows – and a large opening to pick up samples of the cleaned grain.

The KDC 4000 PLUS and KDC 8000 PLUS carry the same exceptional grain cleaning functionalities as the previous models. They are dual cleaners with both screen and aspirator function. The screens sort by means of size, and light impurities and dust are removed by means of air in the aspirator unit.

To download brochure and manual, go to the KDC PLUS Product Page.