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New Intelligent MultiAir® FC 1000

For many years, Kongskilde Industries A/S has been known for supplying efficient blowers for use in all kinds of pneumatic conveying systems. By implementation of the latest AC Drive technology in combination with Kongskilde’s highly efficient well-proven blower design, Kongskilde now introduce a new range of the MultiAir ®FC 1000 blower series – 3rd generation.

The new MultiAir® FC 1000 add unique flexibility to industrial pneumatic applications offering the users to optimize the application performance to avoid unnecessary power consumption. The new models are based on a highly efficient centrifugal blower built into an acoustic housing for state of the art noise reduction. The touch screen display allows the user to set the precise performance required in order to minimize power consumption. Running and performance conditions are shown on the display.

The control panel is an integrated part of the unit, coming pre-wired to the blower motor. The design of the cooling system allows for operating the MultiAir® blower efficiently in temperatures from -10°C to +50°C.

The range includes equipment for fully automatic control for keeping either the pressure or the air flow constant at the required level.

The control signals for operation of motors for up to 3 external functions in the system outside the blower can be programmed on the control panel on the blower, allowing for automatic start/stop of the motors in the right sequences.

The MultiAir® FC 1000 series – 3rd generation is equipped with motors performing from 7.5kW up to 22kW. Max pressure up to 15800Pa and max. air flow up to 5600m3/h.

Find out more about the new MultiAir FC 1000 series here


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