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New efficient pneumatic conveying system for plastic parts

Component Vacuum Loader (CVL 700) is a breakthrough for the efficient conveying of plastic components. It is an air-based system streamlining the internal conveying of plastic items in connection with production, storage or packaging processes. The handling is performed without the touch of human hands.

The CVL 700 system pneumatically moves capsules, lids, syringe parts or other plastic parts directly from the production machines to the warehouse, from the warehouse to the filling lines with beverages, food, etc., or to the packaging lines in clean rooms.

The CVL 700 system, which includes a highly efficient blower connected to a specially designed vacuum unit, collects the plastic components and conveys them through a hose or a pipe. The CVL 700 system separates the components from the air and gently delivers the components to the final destination. Bottlenecks are removed, because the CVL 700 system saves manual, internal handling and transportation.

Ideal for plastic injection mouldings
Conveying in the CVL 700 system occurs through negative pressure via a flexible hose or pipe system. The system has a very large range, as tests have shown that components can easily be transported more than 50 metres.

Contrary to alternative mechanical solutions, the flexible tube allows a high degree of freedom in the installation, and the system operates independently of bends and height differences between the production site and the final destination.

The CVL 700 system saves floor space, only a Ø100 mm pipe system is required in the production area to transfer the components. It is also easy to change the delivery destination of the components.

Strong test results
The CVL 700 system springs from a major development project, and a series of very satisfactory tests have been carried out. At a recently installed CVL system conveying bottle caps at a major bottling plant, the conveying length was 30 metre at a rate of 20,000 caps per hour.

Kongskilde has many years of experience in supplying conveying systems for various types of materials in the plastic industry through pipes by air.

Extension of the product range with the CVL 700 system comes natural to us, when considering our experience and proven track record in this area.

Find out more about the Kongskilde CVL 700 here.


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