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Relocation of sales offices

Following the sale of the agricultural division, Kongskilde’s base of operations in Germany, Spain, Poland and South Africa moved to new locations during the 2nd and 3rd quarter of 2017, and finally, our French location moved in the beginning of February. By doing so, we have relocated our sales offices to locations better suited for the future.

Kongskilde Industries has specialized in system solutions for pneumatic conveying and handling of process material in the plastic, paper and packaging industries. Furthermore, the group offers a wide range of grain handling equipment and solutions for transportation, drying, storage and sorting of grain and other crops, and drying of big bales. The group’s headquarter and production facilities are located in Denmark.

A new and exciting journey has started for kongskilde industries A/S. Preparations for the new future are already in progress with a new organizational platform for the purpose of accelerated growth in the coming years.

Kongskilde Industries’ locations as per 25 April 2018