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Plastic Recycling Amsterdam invests in Kongskilde pneumatic transport and separation system

After extensive testing at our Technology Centre in Denmark, Plastic Recycling Amsterdam was convinced that the Kongskilde setup could optimize the separation of recycled material using an aspirator dedusting system. As the test results matched the expectations and requirements of Plastic Recycling Amsterdam, an order was placed for 7 complete pneumatic conveying systems with aspirator dedusting system at the discharge point.

The systems combine blowers, rotary valves, cyclones, piping, aspirator dedusting (KIA 60), and a filter unit for dust collection.

Plastic Recycling Amsterdam uses an innovative process to recycle post-consumer plastic packaging waste, developed by Umincorp. They recycle 20,000 tons of rigid plastics per year using this magnetic density process. If you are wondering how this process works, you can watch this video explaining the principle:

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