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Kongskilde Industries to Showcase Solutions Within Circular Economy and Digitalisation at K 2022

We are delighted to confirm our participation at K 2022 in Düsseldorf. Kongskilde’s booth will highlight the company’s pneumatic technology that provides a wide variety of fast and efficient process waste-handling solutions to plastic producers and converters.


Kongskilde will have three working demonstrations on display in Düsseldorf:

All solution demonstrations will be available for visitors to closely observe during the entire event.

  • A trim handling system to optimize production capacity.
  • An Industry 4.0 solution for monitoring and control. The CORE platform offers real-time and historic data on your equipment performance, including warnings to plan for preventive maintenance. Watch live data from Kongskilde equipment placed at headquarters in Denmark.
  • A system for picking up and delivering plastic and injection moulded components.

About Kongskilde Solution Demonstrations


Dedusting and separation systems can be added to the in-house recycling process to improve the quality of recycled material and free the working environment from dust. With higher resin prices of raw material combined with the economic and environmental benefits of recycling, Kongskilde has introduced the AirWash system. The Kongskilde AirWash system cleans and conveys regrind all in one step. The patented design uses one blower sized to efficiently evacuate, convey, and clean your material. Unwanted fines, stringers and dust are collected in a sealed drum.


Kongskilde’s trim handling offerings are ideally suited for the modern processing of plastic, aluminium foil, paper, and cardboard. Efficient handling of trim with air solutions is an optimum way of optimizing production capacity. Waste from the production environment can be efficiently removed and sorted with a pneumatic conveying solution. It allows you to save space by mounting the flexible system where it best fits your needs – there is no need to use large areas for the installation of pipelines, grinders, or blowers. The system also keeps your production hall comfortable and reduces the need for air conditioning by removing the excess heat generated by your production machines.


Kongskilde offers multiple solutions for pneumatic transportation of finished plastic goods within production areas. Whether you need to move components directly from injection moulding to packaging, or from storage to packaging or assembly, Kongskilde designs bespoke systems that are automated, compact, and gentle to the components conveyed.

“With examples of our highly-efficient pneumatic solutions on display, we are proud to be an all-round solutions provider for the plastics and packaging industries – as we design complete pneumatic systems, inhouse recycling solutions, and our latest development within digitization: The CORE Platform,”

Kim Johnsen, Chief Commercial Officer, Kongskilde Industries A/S
CORE is Kongskilde Industries’ new solution for monitoring and control of their pneumatic equipment offering real-time and historic data on equipment performance