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From manual to pneumatic transport of regrind from plastic sheets

A leading supplier of PET and rPET plastic sheets for the food industry contacted Kongskilde Industries to consult on how to solve their problem with regrind dust at their extrusion site in the Netherlands.

Their three grinding mills in the production hall polluted the immediate surroundings when the plastic regrind was manually collected with consequential elevated cleaning costs and risk of slipping.

Kongskilde Industries designed a pneumatic system to vacuum the regrind from the mills and convey the regrind to a separate room.

As a result, the regrind no longer has to be manually handled. The enclosed pneumatic system prevents dust from polluting the area where new plastic sheets are manufactured.

Watch this video to see the system in action.

Pneumatic conveying of plastic regrind from Kongskilde Industries A/S on Vimeo.