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Conveying of pellets at global packaging company

When choosing Kongskilde Industries, a global packaging group company saw a significantly short payback period on their investment.

A world leader in the manufacture of food packaging, specializing in thermo formed plastic food trays in larger sizes, mainly for the hotel, restaurant, and catering sector, with a range covering over 220 types of tray in their portfolio for various applications.

With export activities throughout Europe, this Norwegian company processes 3,900 tons of plastic granulates per year.

Locally sourced raw material has previously been difficult to secure, with material requirements being purchased in bulk, from the USA then shipped and stored in 20-ton batches.

The decision to invest in an automated sack emptying machine combined with a pneumatic transport solution from Kongskilde Industries, enabled the company to secure supply at a more favorable cost.

With 25kg bags delivered and purchased at spot prices, combined with the facility to store product at the harbour and the substantial increase in cost savings and production efficiency, the company was able to achieve a highly satisfactory return on investment.

The Kongskilde solution consists of a MultiAir blower, a rotary valve, and 140 meters of pipework to the cyclones placed above the granulate silos.