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About Kongskilde Industries

About Us

Trusted global provider of material handling solutions since 1949

Kongskilde has unparalleled experience delivering precisely engineered, expertly manufactured, customer-specific pneumatic conveyance and material handling products for the plastics, paper, packaging, and agro-industries. We’re global in scale, responsible in our efforts, and take vertical integration seriously. Most of all, we love what we do.

We’re driven by the idea that the best work comes from a strong focus on technology and customization, communication, and adding value at every step of the process. From your very first conversation through assembly and installation, we make it our number one priority to provide world-class customer service. Our business depends on it.

Our legacy of innovation and passion for pneumatics spans more than 70 years and continues to accelerate with new technologies and bold ideas. With company headquarters in Denmark and sales offices in 9 countries around the world, we have the capacity and experience to truly think global and act local.

We take pride in our history and achievements, but at the end of the day, we’re a serious team of innovative thinkers and pneumatic experts working for our customers. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn how we can help.

Reach out to your local Kongskilde Industries contact for more information, or to sign up for an onsite or virtual demo. Learn about our grain handling systems at

Our Story

Watch the Kongskilde Industries Story to see how it all began in 1949, and how we continue to provide trusted pneumatic technology and conveying solutions across the globe.

Our Values


We are headquartered in Denmark with sales offices in 9 countries around the world: The USA, France, Germany, Spain, Poland, the UK, South Africa, and Thailand


All Kongskilde products are designed using our many decades of expertise to deliver high-quality pneumatic air conveying solutions


We manufacture our own key machines and components in-house to ensure seamless integration and optimal performance

Customer Service

Our success is built on delivering high-performing solutions. We provide preventative maintenance and quick, reliable delivery of original spare parts

Businesses and Industries We Serve

For over 70 years Kongskilde Industries has been perfecting the science of pneumatic material handling systems and providing trusted, custom-engineered conveying solutions for a variety of different businesses.

Select your industry to learn more and explore products, solutions, and documentation.


We work within various business areas such as the plastics, paper and packaging industries.


We provide a complete product line for conveying, cleaning, separating, weighing, and storage of crops.

Our History

Today, Kongskilde Industries A/S is owned by Green Park Partners, a UK based principal investment fund. Headquarters and production facilities are located in Sorø (Denmark) with sales offices in Denmark, France, Germany, Spain, Poland, UK, USA, SA, and Thailand.

Historical Milestones

1949 Kongskilde is founded

1949 Kongskilde is starting up with blower production – GRAIN

1955 Starting up export sales

1961 Kongskilde establishes sales company in Canada – GRAIN

1963 UK division is established – GRAIN

1964 French division is established – GRAIN

1987 Kongskilde’s French division is starting up the INDUSTRY line

1992 South African division is established – GRAIN and INDUSTRY

1993 Kongskilde is implementing the INDUSTRY line in DK and UK

1994 German division is established – INDUSTRY

1997 Polish division is established – INDUSTRY

2000 Spanish division is established – INDUSTRY

2002 The Canadian office is relocated to the US, and the North American division is established – GRAIN and INDUSTRY

2016 Asian sales office established – GRAIN and INDUSTRY

2018 Green Park Partners acquire Kongskilde Industries

2018 Opening of Kongskilde’s new Industrial Training & Technology Center in Denmark

2022 Opening of Kongskilde’s new Grain Academy

From the very start of the company, Kongskilde’s logo has featured a capital “K” inside a square or circle. Over the years it has changed in color; It started out blue, then black/white/red, and today the logo is blue once again.

The Kongskilde Smith
The Kongskilde Smith

In the mid-1960s the “Kongskilde Smith” became a strong symbol of Kongskilde and was shown on buildings as well as on the company’s stationery. Today, the smith is just a symbol of the glorious past.

Our Locations

Kongskilde Industries is a global company headquartered in Denmark with sales offices in Denmark, the United States, France, Germany, Spain, Poland, the United Kingdom, South Africa, and Thailand.

Industrial Testing Facilities

Perform real-life tests and evaluations on your production materials using the wide range of pneumatic conveying, dedusting, trim handling, off-cuts, and separation systems that are available in our testing centers. Testing facilities are located at our offices in Denmark and the United States.

Kongskilde Grain Academy

Located at our headquarters in Denmark, the Kongskilde Academy is an educational space for dealers and customers to learn more about our grain handling product line.

Kongskilde Industries sales office locations worldwide