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Bolloré: „Unsere Produktivität ist um 20% gestiegen“

The Bolloré Plastic Films Division in Britanny, specialized in manufacturing of ultrathin packaging shrink films and di-electric films for capacitors, was looking to replace outdated non-Kongskilde venturi equipment for trim handling.

The choice of an updated Kongskilde system was primarily based on superior design, low noise level, and pipe fixing with rapid clamps.

The Solution

The heart of the solution is the Kongskilde MultiAir® with frequency converter allowing to adjust the suction level to the desired value. It is designed to be cost effective with low operating and maintenance costs.

Main Benefits

  • Increased productivity at the Bolloré workshop by 20%
  • Manpower reduction by elimination of trolley
  • Clean edges automatically arriving in the right shredder
  • No specific maintenance needed
  • Healthier working environment with less dust and risk of cuts
  • Reduced noise pollution thanks to the MultiAir soundproofed design
  • Energy savings of 20% on new generation blowers
  • Small footprint allows for optimised space management

An impeccable collaboration

Mr. Boulland, Business Manager at Bolloré, states, „Since day one, all systems has worked impeccably and the whole process from first contact to installation has been seamless.

We particularly appreciate the understanding with which our requests are met, and the short reaction time. Everyone is clear and precise and committed to results.

Bolloré has always been a frontrunner in many areas. With the implementation of the Kongskilde solution and design, the image of this production unit is definitely enhanced.

The Kongskilde team is made up of true professionals and they have our full confidence. In short, we are looking forward to a strong partnership.”


  • Production speeds: 700-800 m/min.
  • Annual waste production: 2,400 tonnes
  • Conveying distance: More than 100 m
  • Recycling: 95% of filmic trim reprocessed and re- granulated
  • Recycling: 85-90% is sold

Founded in 1822 in France, today the Bolloré Group is present on all continents and has 55,000 employees. It is active in many fields such as logistics, transport, energy, automotive, ultra-fine plastics, and special papers.